Quality Policy

We as Drama Kimya;

- show our "Customer Focusing" by in-time-delivery.

- are in "Continous Development". We present this with our team, who are open for development and innovation.

- are "Competitive". We show this at many sectors as leader in the market and beside that we protect this leadership.

- are "Solution Focused". This we ensure by orienting the customer everytime right and by staying next to our customers.

- have " High Technic Knowledge", wich we prove by solving in problematic situations.

- come forward with our "Service Quality". We mesure that, that our customers work many years with us.

We are sensible about work safety. We know this, because our employees practice the safety preventions and that’s why no accident happens in our company.

We show our sensitivity to the environment by suggesting our customers Eco-friendly products.

In the Name of the Drama Kimya Team

Ali YALÇIN - Kubilay CENAN