Quaker Houghton Industrial Lubricants

Quaker Chemical and Houghton International have teamed up to form Quaker Houghton, the global leader in the supply of industrial fluids for the production of base metals and metalworking markets.

As a leader in industrial process fluids, we continually evolve and innovate to keep our customers one step ahead in an ever-changing world.

If it's made of metal, rolled, cut, drawn, or cast, Quaker Houghton is there. By optimizing the process, reducing costs, improving safety and sustainability...and driving progress.

We accept our customers' challenges as our own and bring the right combination of science, engineering and business understanding. Thus, they are preparing for the future with complete confidence that their operations are run more efficiently and effectively...

Cleaning oils
tattoo oils
Heat treatment oils
Metal forming oils
Metal protection oils
Metal removal oils
Non-ferrous oils
Special hydraulic fluids and lubricants