We as Drama;


We stand out with our "quality of service", and we measure this from the long years of work of our customers and business partners with us, thanks to our highly equipped employees.

              -  We are in "Continuous Development" and we demonstrate this with our open perspective to development and innovation, and our management policies.
              -   We show that we are "competitive" in many sectors by accurately analyzing market needs, acting quickly, and fully meeting customer expectations.
              -  "We are Solution Focused", we achieve this by standing by our customers and always guiding our customers correctly.
              -  “We Respect the Law” we show this by fulfilling legal obligations in our activities.
              -   We show that we are "Customer Focused" with the effort to be perfect in the services and products we provide.
              -  We have "High Technical Knowledge", we prevent this before it happens by anticipating possible problems as we have proven when problems need to be solved.
              -  We are sensitive about Occupational Safety, we understand this from the fact that our employees apply occupational safety measures and that there is no work accident in our company.

We show our environmental awareness by recommending environmentally friendly products to our customers and by fulfilling our environmental obligations.

On behalf of the Drama Team;


Kubilay CENAN                                                                              Ali YALÇIN