Environmental Policy

Our principles regarding health and environmental protection and occupational and safety are envisaged in our SHE-Management Guide, respectively. The following principles are applied and we pursue the following objectives in the areas of health and environmental protection and occupational and plant safety:

1. Health and environmental protection and occupational and laboratory safety are values that we commit to and that are equivalent to our company's economic goals.

2. We ensure occupational health and safety by using adequate processes and programs with prevention, who are responsible for the employees affected by our activities. Our employees are aware of their responsibilities for themselves and their colleagues and act in accordance with the principles of our SHE Policy.

3. For us, health and environmental protection and professional and safety mean acting in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We will take additional action beyond what is deemed necessary by the competent authorities, which are the responsibility of our employees, society and your environment, and we implement these measures beyond the law on our own responsibility.

4. Preventing and reducing and eliminating environmental impacts during the production, storage, transportation and use of our products is the goal and constant challenge of research, development and production.

5. Raw materials and recyclable wastes are used as much as possible and energy resources are consumed economically to protect the environment and resources. Waste that is not recycled or reused is disposed of in accordance with current regulations.

6. The knowledge of our employees is constantly improved through various programs such as technical knowledge, repeated training and regular training.

7. We keep in touch with our neighbors and inform them about our activities in our laboratories; In doing so, our aim is to reduce current concerns about our operations.

8. We seek an open exchange of information with authorities and cooperate with them to resolve environmental and safety issues.

9. We provide our customers with a comprehensive understanding of the environmental and safety aspects of our products and strive to continually improve our knowledge of these properties.

10. To achieve SHE goals, we utilize modern, state-of-the-art processes and equipment at our facilities and apply best professional practices in our investment policy and control measures.

11. We regularly check and review the environmental impact of our operations and use the information gained from these reviews to operate and optimize our facilities and workplaces in a way that minimizes the environmental and environmental impact of our operations. Employee health.

12. The principles of the ongoing improvement process throughout the company are applied to health and environmental protection, occupational and safety as in all other activities of Chemetall.

Our Board of Directors and Site Management regularly review these policy guidelines to assess whether they apply to internal and external requests. These instructions will be adjusted if necessary.


We accept responsible behavior towards humanity and nature as a goal and seek continuous improvement.

Our goals; This includes reducing pressure on natural resources, reducing emissions and energy consumption, increasing use of renewable energy sources, better eco-compatibility of our raw materials and internal processes, as well as our products used by our customer. Many of our products offered today can help reduce operating costs, prevent or reduce waste generation, save energy and reduce the need for disposal and reprocessing.


We are aware of the sensitivity of our customers to protect the environment. For this purpose, we work carefully on high quality and durability while offering products and solutions that make a difference.

Waste and hazardous material reduction, product innovations reduce energy use, can create different products with a lower carbon footprint and lower solvents.

Low solvent/VOC: Volatile organic components (VOC) are used as solvents in the paint industry.

These components cause chronic health problems and adversely affect the ozone layer. For this reason, many countries have regulations on the subject.

Harmful Substances: Replacing hazardous raw materials with less harmful alternatives. The new raw materials do not reduce the overall safety, health and environmental characteristics of the products.

While working to reduce and replace the number and amount of hazardous materials, it also ensures that high product quality and reliability standards are met.



The carbon footprint is the environmental impact of our activities.

It is a measure of the effects on the environment, especially on climate change. It relates to the amount of greenhouse gases produced by burning fossil fuels for electricity, heating and transportation in our day-to-day lives. A carbon footprint is a measurement of all the greenhouse gases we individually produce and is available in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (or kg). Less waste: Our goals that apply to all of our operations, including waste in our offices as well as in our production facilities, are "Reduce", "Reuse" and "Recycle". The reduction and disposal of chemical waste is an important focus area.a