Customer Satisfaction Policy

We as Drama Kimya;

- Primarily we will accept our customers `right` and we are looking at this angle the cause of the complaint.

- We search that passed us on every matter we find the opportunity to impreve our processes.

- We adopt a service quality approach in accordance with the expectations of our customers.

- Our organization offer products or services direct or indirect to the customers powerful, accurate and which provides the continuity of customer-instution relationship we want to create.

- We are responding with a faur and objective approach to any notification.

- We are committed to privacy of customer information.

- open to customer requests we are committed and customer oriented to solve in a manner that is reassuring.

- We always get offering to quality services with the concept of customer requests. In case of a complaint we have received from our customers, all complaints objective, rigorous and careful in the way we look and we offer the solution as a result of this review in parallel with thw permanent improvement complaints and suggestions systems and in our processes we take.

- We support the participation of employees` sharing, creavity and we prepare environment where they can express themselves and improve themselves constantly.

Drama Kimya on behalf of the team

Ali YALÇIN - Kubilay CENAN